Savory & Sweet Hand Pies
Our pastry uses 100% real butter, no shortening.  Our fillings are made in-house as well.  Baked off fresh throughout the day, you're always assured a hot pie is waiting for you!


Specialty Salads
From dressings to croutons, our salads are made from the freshest ingredients to be a delicious side for your hand pie or a meal all on their own.


Fresh made Soups
We make our soups daily to highlight the best seasonal ingredients.  Try a cup with your pie or something larger for your roving lunch.

What We Offer

From humble origins in the Welsh countryside, it all started with the pasty (PAST-ee). Back when Melissa's Great-Grandfather, Grampa Evans, biked to work at the local dairy farm, his basket held several pasties and a thermos of tea. Filled with leftovers from the previous night's supper and wrapped in a pastry crust, the pasties were a delicious portable lunch.  Melissa's mother, Jill, brought the family recipe with her to America and taught her daughters the pasty tradition while growing up.   

Keeping with this idea, The Roving Lunchbox believes any dish can inspire a hand pie. We take such comforting flavors as the classic Reuben and Chicken Pot Pie, Leek & Goat Cheese and Salted Caramel Apples as a jumping off point and continue to seek out new and interesting flavors to wrap in our flaky pie crust. Each pie is hand made with the freshest ingredients. Light and flaky, our crust is the perfect complement to our delicious savory and sweet fillings. We're making it our mission to bring the hand pie tradition to hungry urbanites in and around Boston.

We're all about hand pies!